Chen Wu

Web Analytics Tool #1: Finteza

Finteza, one of the best web analytics tools to track and measure your website performance. Not only does Finteza provide basic analytics features like traffic and sources analytics, it also offers you useful insights into the demographics of your audience.
Furthermore, Finteza allows you to make the most of the ad space on your website. The built-in advertising engine maximizes your profits by creating sales funnels and analyzing visitor interaction with your website. The tool assists you throughout each and every stage of the process, from selling ad space to processing payments.

With Finteza, you can implement sales funnels across your entire web presence. Take advantage of the powerful analysis functions and investigate user interaction with your websites. The website analytics tool features 15 reports, ensuring that you can locate all of your weak spots. Your website is receiving low traffic? Finteza can detect 12 different types of low-quality traffic based on a complex analysis of user behaviour. Track your customer interaction throughout all of your channels — with Finteza.

Finteza’s functions go so much further than those of a simple analytics tool. It is also a powerful marketing assistant for your entire web presence. Furthermore, its set-up is easy and quick and enables the integration of more than 50 CMSs.

Web Analytics Tool #2: Mouseflow

Have you ever wondered how exactly visitors interact with your website? Then you should try out Mouseflow. With its session recording and detailed heat maps, this web analytics tool provides the ideal solution.
Mouseflow lets you track user behavior and understand exactly which features of your website lead to success and which result in failure. Based on this analysis, you can quickly optimize your online presence and remove weak spots.
If you ever wanted to find out which problems users are confronted with when visiting your website, Mouseflow is for you.

Web Analytics Tool #3: GoingUp

With GoingUp, you have a wide range of powerful web analytics tools at your disposal.
This free tool gives you insight into visitor locations and maps as well as the newest traffic trends. Have you ever wanted to know how users get to your website in the first place? With GoingUp’s unique referring keywords functionality, you will know in no time.
But the web analytics tool’s functions do not stop there. Furthermore, GoingUp includes a page optimization tool and Google Pagerank so you can put the strategy you’ve made based on your findings into practice.

Web Analytics Tool #4: Statcounter

Statcounter gives you a unique insight into visitor behavior, as it derives its statistics from hits as opposed to unique visitors.
Couple this with other useful features such as real-time visual maps, navigation paths, and data of pages with a higher bounce rate and you get one of the most powerful tools out there.
To adjust the analysis according to your own needs, Statcounter provides you with extensive filters. Browse your statistics refined by the type of browser your visitor is using, the country he is from or the site that referred him to your page.

Web Analytics Tool #5: Clicky

Clicky stands for web analytics in real time. This allows you a fast reaction time and adjustements to findings that adapt with each and every visitor activity.
And there is more: Visitors can be divided into different subsets, allowing for an even more refined analysis of specific target groups. With Clicky, you can analyze visitor behavior based on your very own business needs and get updates on a minute-to-minute basis.
Your reaction and website optimization could not be any faster thanks to Clicky.

Web Analytics Tool #6: Woopra

Woopra is a web analytics tool working in real time and targeted at sales, service and marketing teams. If you wish to offer your customers the best experience possible on your website, Woopra is the way to go.
The web analytics tool gives you an insight into every step of your customers’ interaction with your website.
Who is making payments and from where? With Woopra, you get all the answers you need with regard to your visitors.
But not only analysis is possible with this powerful tool. Its built-in automation function triggers real-time measures to respond to customer actions. You can even customize these responses to establish an even stronger bond with your customers.

Web Analytics Tool #7: Chartbeat

To keep track of your published content across all of your channels and devices in real time, you can count on Chartbeat. This tool informs you in great detail about who is visiting your website, which content strikes a chord with them and which topics are trending for your target audience right now.
Furthermore, Chartbeat summarizes the performance of all of your websites on a single page. This clarity of presentation is paramount to being able to formulate an effective strategy to improve your online performance.

Web Analytics Tool #8: Piwik PRO

With Piwik PRO, it is easy to comply with strict data privacy regulation around the world. The tool puts full control over your visitor’s data into your hands, so that you can overlook user activity and digital footprints at all times.
The data tracking and monitoring user activity is presented in an intuitive and clear format, providing several useful formats to illustrate the data. Based on user profiles, journey maps and many more you can reliably track your customers’ footprint and provide better and better customer service each time.

Web Analytics Tool #9: Mint

Mint is mainly targeted at brands and marketers looking to extend their reach.
This tool provides a wide range of functionalities which give you an edge over your competitors.
Mint tracks user interaction with your website over a certain period of time and shows you patterns emerging over the course of weeks, months or even years. These findings are the foundation on which you can build your strategy to optimize interface and usability of your web presence — to maximize your profits and improve customer experience.

Web Analytics Tool #10: GoSquared


GoSquared will make your sales go through the roof! The tool measures the effectiveness of your marketing tools and provides you with weekly email-updates to improve your performance. This report is based on key metrics like traffic volume, bounce rate or traffic spikes, allowing you to analyze your current service in detail and making precise optimizations.
With GoSquared, you will be able to keep track of every single user visiting your website, and even receive detailed information about this visitor. The web analytics tool monitors their location as well as the exact pages they navigate to and the interactions they carry out with them.
Use this valuable information to improve your online presence significantly and improve customer feedback.

Web Analytics Tool #11: Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics provides a whole collection of web analytics tools. This allows for an excruciatingly detailed report on your entire online performance. To ensure that you do not lose track of this wealth of information, Adobe Analytics lets you divide the visitor information into different subgroups. These segments are limitless and allow for an ideal comparison between the respective divisions.
Such an abundance of functionalities requires a significant investment of time to be able to master each feature, but the vast benefits make this effort more than worth it.

Web Analytics Tool #12: Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a useful collection of web analytics tools allowing you to track user interactions with your online presence and providing tools for targeted communication with them in the next step.
The application does not, however, base its report on the number of page views, but rather on the specific actions carried out by users. The analysis takes into account specific events such as sharing posts, clicking links or streaming videos from your page. With regard to these interactions, Mixpanel documents emerging trends related to your products, services or marketing campaigns and helps you to design the optimal strategy to increase your customer engagement rate.

Web Analytics Tool #13: Gauges

Gauges is a real time web analytics tool relying on an intuitive and clear presentation.
Easy-to-understand stats illustrate the monitoring of your entire web performance, across each site you use. You can even display various brand sites on one single page, to have all the relevant information at hand. Compare performances in different segments or for different brands, find out what attracts visitors to your site and what makes them spend time with your brands. With Gauges, you are one step closer to converting a visitor into a customer.

Web Analytics Tool #14: FoxMetrics

FoxMetrics is more than what it might appear to be at first glance. It is not just a single tool, but rather a powerful Swiss army knife of web analytics tools. With FoxMetrics, you can not only analyze visitor data, but also customize your users’ experience and make out specific targets for your marketing campaign.
The tool allows you to provide each and every customer with a highly personalized experience, making it easy to respond to each user individually. Furthermore, the intelligent tool recognizes visitor behavior and can group them into specific segments based on their interactions with your page.
Thus, you can tend to them in the most individual way possible and increase the effectiveness of your strategies significantly.

Web Analytics Tool #15: Open Web Analytics

This open-source web analytics software serves to track incoming hits/views on your website.
Open Web Analytics allows you to not only monitor websites and applications, but WordPress sites, too.
But the detailed analysis goes even beyond that. Track the exact mouse trail of every unique visitor or receive heat maps of the pages where they linger and for how long.
You can also integrate goals with this powerful web analytics tool.

Web Analytics Tool #16:

This collection of web analytics tools tells you all about the content visitors spend their time on, that resonates with them and which trends arise from this.
This content performance tracking data is presented to you in real time, so that you can respond immediately and make sure that your adjustments are most effective.
With, you will drastically better your understanding of customer interest, engaging content and user experience.
The tool shows you where exactly the traffic is coming from and what makes users navigate to our web page.

Web Analytics Tool #17: Clicktale

Clicktale puts you in the shoes of your customers. How do they experience your online presence/website?
Clicktale’s web analytics tools present this data via illustrative heat maps, refined reports and session replays. This information allows you to get a different perspective, that of a visitor, so you can adjust your content and its presentation to maximize customer retention.
With Clicktale, you will detect website issues in no time, improve visitor feedback and increase your revenue.

Web Analytics Tool #18: Optimizely

Put your theories in practice with one of the most powerful web analytics tools: Optimizely provides you with A/B testing tools, so that you can compare two versions of a website regarding their performance. No more guessing, theorizing and aimless experimenting — with Optimizely. You can immediately gather information on projections of your revenue generation, as well.
This tool makes the optimization process as predictable and risk-free as can be.
Furthermore, it enables personalization, which means that you can even test feedback on certain individual responses.